Slot Overview: Monster Blox

There are several upsides to forming a partnership with a larger, more established studio. Having access to a pre-made library of game mechanics and features is also a big help. Peter & Sons, an Armenian company, joins the ranks of Yggdrasil’s collaborators who have had fun (or not) with the Gigablox mechanism. Interestingly, they’ve changed the name of it right from the bat. We could have called it Monster Gigablox, but they’ve been smart and abbreviated it to Monster Blox, putting their own imprint on the game from the get-go. Peter and Sons use the ubiquitous Gigablox equipment to perform their own kind of entertainment, making the rest of the slot just as distinctive.

Peter & Sons games have such a unique style that you could probably identify them even if you were blindfolded. A fantastic world of wizards, dragons, castles, tree people, and rolling green slopes has been created in Monster Blox using the studio’s signature style; the fresh air reminds one of the Big Bad Wolf. Monster Blox has the kind of graphics that are simple to appreciate and fast to forgive when you’re on the receiving end of a rough session, making it a very playable and forgivable game.

Because Gigablox shuffles the positions of symbols on the 6-reel grid and adds rows to the panel after wins, the action is always shifting and evolving. On every spin, reels will fuse together at random, creating supersized icons. It’s possible that the Gigablox on reels 1-2 combine to make a 2×2 size, while the ones on reels 4-6 are 3×3. Gigablox symbols are converted to the standard 1×1 tiles for use in payment calculations.

Bets on the highly unpredictable Moster Blox range from 20 percent to £/€100 every spin, and may be placed on any device from a tablet to a desktop computer. The game only utilizes one RTP version, but it’s a good one, at 96.10%. A winning combination consists of 3 to 6 consecutive matching symbols starting on the leftmost reel and moving clockwise around the machine. The default setting of the grid has only 4 rows, giving you only 40 guaranteed chances to win. The low payments are represented by neatly crafted diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts, while the premiums include four figures, including a dragon and a tree person. If you get six of a kind with a high-paying symbol, you’ll earn anywhere from two times to ten times your wager.

Slot Machine Featuring Monster Blox

Monster Blox’s primary Gigablox feature is supplemented by free spins with a growing win multiplier, wild transformations, and respins. After each successful spin, the game grid is reset with one more row. In the event of a winning streak, the reels will expand to a maximum height of eight places before returning to their normal height of four at the beginning of the next spin. There are a total of 55, 70, 85, or 100 possible winning combinations when playing on a 6×5, 6×6, 6×7, or 6×8 grid.

In order to take advantage of this arbitrary bonus, keep an eye out for the wizard on the left, who can zap symbols (even the bigger Gigablox symbols) and turn them wild. Wilds can be used in place of non-wilds that are necessary to make a winning combination.

When 5 or more free spins symbols appear in view, the bonus game is activated, with each symbol awarding 1 free spin. There is a meter on the left side of the reels that fills up with free spins whenever one appears during the round. The number of the win multiplier increases from x2 to x3 to x5 to x10 as more scatters are gathered.

Judgment on the Slot Monster Blox

Certainly, Peter & Sons is a studio that insists on doing things in their own way. We’ve spoken about how distinct their visual design is previously, and Monster Blox just serves to further demonstrate that trend. Gigablox, too, has repeatedly proven its adaptability by showing up in a wide range of video games, from 3021: The Bounty Hunter to Sabres & Sandals to Hunters Moon. One of the game’s many appealing features is how beautifully the various components work together to form a delightful slot that performs perfectly.

While Gigablox is the main attraction, it doesn’t take over the game like it may in some other slots that use the same mechanism, thanks to Peter & Sons’ distinctive approach. Because of how striking the visuals are, the game’s effects take a backseat, which is really a good thing for Gigablox. Smooth as silk, you may trigger respin rounds and expanded reels after a winning spin, which can result in some nice winnings.

Free spins weren’t always easy to get, but the growing grid and extra bonuses kept things interesting. To extend the bonus game for as long as possible, we usually managed to get quite a few scatters after it was triggered. The addition of a growing multiplier to free spins serves as both an incentive to keep playing and a possible game-changer if you’re having a really good run. If you’re familiar with Hades Gigablox, you’ll understand what we’re talking about here. However, P&S reports that, at the very highest stakes, winnings of 7,485x the wager are possible. This equates to a maximum payout of €/$740,000.

Peter and his sons have continued to do what they do well with Monster Blox, which also has an easy implementation of the Gigablox technology. One of the finest examples of this sort of slot machine may be found in its design, atmosphere, and features.

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